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okay so i’ve seen a few of these things going around and i thought it’d be cool to do one

there’s a legend that if you collect 1000 paper stars you get a wish, and i know that unless i get other people involved i won’t be motivated to finish 1000 of these things.

so if you want your URL written on one of these stars reblog this; i’ll be doing the first 1000 reblogs. if you want a special color or message written inside of yours feel free to message me.

Please only reblog once.

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Maybe it’s all the stress built up from this week, maybe it’s all the feelings I’ve been keeping inside, or maybe it’s just Larry. But this video just made me lose it. Completely lose it. I’m at the point where it’s hard to breathe because I’m sobbing so hard. This video is brilliant. 

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Nonono. I can feel the feels.


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